Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome My Son, Welcome To The Machine...

Welcome to the 41st Millenium of war, chaos, and destruction at the galactic level. The doom of mankind
at the feet of the destructors, a walking malevolent force of despise, death, and hatred for all things living.

We are the Necrons, born of the race of Necrontyr through the power of the drinkers of the stars, the gods of consumption and immortality. A vestige of the life given to the dark gods of space in return for immortality. Servitude is our path, and silence breaks the air in our presence.

We are the undying, the indestructible.

And we absolutely SUCK FUCKING ASS in a game of 40k.

No seriously, goddamn it all anyway why doesn't GW just take the time and effort to update multiple codices at a time so we're not constantly getting buttfucked by the goddamn fact that our shit makes no sense in the current edition of rules?

Now I fucking understand that you REALLY NEEDED TO MAKE A BOOK FOR THESE FANCY NEW "RED" MARINES, but maybe, just maybe consider updated old armies and taking care of broken shit before releasing new shit?


Welcome to my blog in which I talk about my experiences and ideas concerning the game of Warhammer 40k.

I like playing Necrons, but at this point in their lifespan, they continue to be extremely frustrating. Like an old faggot with alzheimers however, I continue to take them into battle hoping the power of broken rules can ride me to shore on a wave of bullshit.


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  1. Nice first write up. i definitely agree the necrons need a new codex and that the army isn't as competitive as it could be