Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We'll be back... in 2011

So I was working in my lab late one night when my eyes revealed an eerie sight...

On games-workshop's website, we now find these truths to be self evident:

They added another section for the Necrons codex, indicating that they will soon be going to PDF. Safe to assume then that it will be early next year we will be receiving a new codex for these bad boys, and FUCK ME if it isn't time.

I guess I should throw out my Nightbringer/Deceiver though, because the rumor roundup seems to indicate that these models will be going forgeworld, and possibly not even imperial armor, but just Apocalypse only. Q.Q

The other rumors that have surfaced are that their will be a few named HQ Lords introduced, and that the regular lord will be separated into 3 tiers; Gold, Silver; Platinum, and there will be different lords/HQs for each tier, and that the Platinum tier will most likely be on par with the Nightbringer/Deceiver, with actual options to add or remove.

Sounds all well and good whatever, but what's going to happen to WBB? They could easily ruin the whole army just by being lazy and making it FNP... only time will tell, but I think we can trust GW to be lazy, if nothing else.

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