Monday, March 14, 2011

Back In Green

Been a while since I've posted on a goddamn thing on this blog, been away from fucking warhammer and its bullshit due to a hellish winter from hell, and the need to stop getting my ass kicked by imperial armies.

Came back with a bang, my faggy little robots clanking their metal dicks across a landscape of chaos marines, marines, and would you fancy more marines.
HERPDERPticon is coming up at the end of the month here, and I find myself with a room and a slot to go and play, however I did not sign up for any tournaments, because I play Necrons and I know better than to bring a green dildo-gun to a rocket-launcher fight.

Fuck the police.

So anyway, gonna try and get my hands on a couple of these little beauties:

Wonderful model, and its been out for a while now. Some support for the clankbots is better than no support, and I think you'll find me posting my shitstained "Did a pre-schooler do that with tampons dipped in watercolor paint?" paint job showing up on this blog at some point.

Other than that, there are a lot of rumors going around that the necrons are finally getting a reprint. I'd say that its "better late than never", but I don't want to encourage another decade of GW employees dressing up in Space Marine suits and blowing eachother all day long.
Some of the rumors I've heard (and most of them contrast):
The C'tan may be back as some variation of super-heavies, and the outsider (and possibly the void dragon) will be among them.
The contrast to that is, some rumors have stated that the C'tan are going IA or Apoc, and then a veritable fuck-robot-ton of named lords will be appearing.
Phase out will be gone, which is still a rumor, but I have no reason to believe that Games Workshop is going to implement the one thing above all else that makes the army nearly unplayable into a modern codex.
Then there's the insinuation that perhaps warriors will become T5, and "We'll be back" will be on course to work somewhat differently from the current version. Either more similarly to FNP or just making it FNP is my guess. Want them to stay away from changing WBB too much, it would be a shame to lose one of the most important things that kept the army standing out these last few years, as nothing else has anything quite like it.

As far as rumors go, whatever. I don't fuck a give too much about rumors. I just want Phase Out gone, T5 warriors, WBB to be changed slightly, but not entirely, Pariahs to be considered "Necrons", and the higher level gauss guns (destroyer guns, immortal guns) to pen on a 6 and glance on a 5 (I also want 6th edition to figure out how to fix the damage chart for vehicles, a LAND RAIDER should not have the same damage chart as a goddamn Rhino), and the basic gauss flayer to rend against non-vehicle units.

Well my wishlist is done, can't wait for herpderpticon. You all enjoy your silly little grey knights, hope the sharp edges of that dreadknight don't pulverize your colon as you pleasure yourself with it, screaming "OH YES MY EMPEROR, MY ASSHOLE IS A PSYCHIC CONDUIT FOR YOUR GIANT MIND-COCK FLOATING THROUGH THE GALAXY AND OBLIVION FOR ETERNITY, PLEASE ENTER ME WHOLLY WITH YOUR PRESTIGIOUS GIRTH".


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  1. Fuckign love this shit.......I laughed for about 30 mins....good work Meatban keep it up