Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In a non-necron related turn of events, I went to the capitol today and protested the faggotry of our new resident governor. I also managed to strip all of my destroyers down with this amazing cleaner called purple power.

The shit could strip the shitstains off of John Goodman's tighty-whities. I was able to completely clean both the paintjobs and the basecoat off of my 25 destroyers in a matter of 2 days, and now im getting back to repainting them with... GOLD!!!! OH WONDERFUL GOLD!!!!

Pure gold necrons, red rods (found good prices on those at, green eyes. That's my 3 colors, suck my ass I got the midas touch. I was first inspired by a friend of mine from a nearby blog painting some marines in pure gold, and I was inspired. So now I will get myself an airbrush and make my necrons beautiful. Oh, some silver too. I found out that testers paints have a really wonderful chrome that you can damn near see your reflection in.

Oh, and on the topic of John Goodman's shitstains, it's only a couple more weeks before the Grey Knights are updated and a bunch of cocks start showing up at games with 3 dreadknights going HAHAHA look at my tech, fag! I imagine the Grey Knights are going to basically just end up a funny and tech-y variant of ultramarines at this point, considering the sharp decline of chaos and chaos space marines I've seen.

So I got to the capitol building and actually managed to get inside for the protest. People were following whatever chant someone was able to say loud enough for people to hear over the ungodly noise of a thousand pubescant boys pitch-shifting as their balls hit the floor in a chorus of semenal testicle slaps, which i'm sure will cause the janitors of the capitol a considerable amount of anguish, considering the decline of soap sales in this recession.
I tried to start my own chant, but among "Its not fair!" "Why do we pay you?" and "Go Snyder Go!" it just didn't seem that "FUCK THE POLICE!" was going to catch on in any hurry, in fact a nice older gentlemen in a red suit was kind enough to inform me that this was, in fact, unacceptable for chanting at this particular rally. Makes me want to find out when the "fuck the police" rally is being hosted, I'll be sure to attend.

Cocks everywhere.

So yeah, I've been practicing a bit for herpderpticon, and I'm excited to find that Necrons, on a rare occasion with a fairly excessive amount of dick-waxing are in fact, capable (however not consistently capable) of defeating imperial armies (WOOOOO!). Unlike the Tau Army, which I ended up having to sell to afford some more Necrons (poor tau, they are like the floppy fish-dicks of the 40,000 millenium).

Found the color scheme I want for my tomb stalkers.

Hell yes, motherfucking gold. I can't wait to take this baddy into a game and make people bitch. What I'd like to do is get ahold of 20 space marines to model with this model, and I need a drill so I can model the tomb stalker with 20 space marines assholes being impaled by necronic claws. Maybe I'll model the claws as cocks just for good measure, who knows.

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