Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Suck my asshole.

So after Adepticon I'm starting to think that the British have a really drab, shitty sense of humor, and Games Workshop employees in particular express this sense of humor by starting completely unfounded rumors about upcoming Necron codex releases. Moreso, the limey shitfuckers like to respond to any inquiries about any rumors with "yeah, I think they might", which is codeword for "keep jizzing your pants over this plastic bullshit while I suck siphon your wallet straight out of your asshole and fuck you in the ass with a resin Eldar dildo."

Not that there are any games left out there that really do a good job, warhammer is just one more turd-nugget in a mucus of excrement, with warmachine hordes, heroclix, and anything that can be considered a mini game following closely behind on a snail-trail river of feces and sperm.

But those british faggots said that Necrons are one of the next two codices. We'll see. I have a feeling that its just another ploy to sell more tomb stalkers, and that we'll be looking at another edition of glance-shitting vehicles. I'm sure 6th edition will read: "Any model that costs 50 dollars or more can not be damaged by any model that costs less than 50 dollars, suck our asses[sic]".

Fucking faggots.

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